Welcome to our metal cowboy/cowgirl wall art and metal Cowboy yard art silhouettes page by DandNFretworks in Erick, Ok.  We make up many Cowboy Metal Wall Art and Cowgirl Metal Art designs including Cowboy / Cowgirl Welcome signs, Key racks, Coat Racks and Tack holding items.  The Praying Cowboy scene has become very popular and we have several designs to choose from.  Custom made Ranch Signs, Overhead Enterance and Gate signs are easily created by using one, or several of our designs and combining them together to get the display you want. Computerized Plasma cutting alows us to resize many items to fit into most settings and letters or numbers can be added as well.   Costs of a custom sign varies by the size, metal thickness you need, the amount of detail cutting and lettering used.  We do Not store large signs as our space is small and limited so each sign is designed and cut when needed. However, below are some of the single items we have cut and often have in stock & available. 

Please note, we at D&N Fretworks make every effort to insert more facial detailing into our items with a side view profile.  If an items view should show the lips, chin, nose and eyebrow, we do our best in see that they are clearly noticeable on the finished product, even many of our smaller cuts are visable.

Contact us HERE for information on placing an order or getting a custom made sign.  We can also be reached at  1-580-729-1721 for further location and payment information.  Personal checks, and additional payment methods are gladly accepted through email via PayPal accounts.

With your email of interest please include you Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes.

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