Whitetail Deer Metal Wall Art & Yard Shadows / Silhouette by D&N Fretworks in Erick, Ok. 73645

Specializing in Metal Wall Art and Steel Yard Shadow Silhouettes for the Western Oklahoma and All of the surrounding areas.   The Whitetail deer is an astonishing creature for both it's beauty and trophy head mounts that decorate many home & office walls throughout the world.   It is also well known for the delicious meat that it provides for many family meals and therefore is a great challange to hunt & tag for both men and women alike as a sport.   In this page, we will start uploading more of our simple metal silhouettes of this incredible animal and increase the photo's to more detailed cuttings as we go.   D&N Fretworks originally started designing patterns almost 20 years ago while living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Deer Hunting was very popular up that way as well as in the lower peninsula & the rest of the country.   After a lengthy (5 weeks) time involved of relocating our business accross the street, I had to come up with a hopefully quick selling pattern design to get my finances rolling again.   A picture of my last year Deer Hunt Buck Pole fell off the shelf onto the computer in frount of me and a quick glance of it gave me the inspirationof the 1st phot's you'll see inserted into this page.   My idea was to sell these "3 Hanging Bucks" as a joke, to those who get to Deer Camp first and want to hang them up to shock the rest of the gang when approaching the campsite.  Another idea was to sell them to hunters that got teased for seldom bagging a Buck, therefore they could hang these in a low lighted garage or back yard and let other people "think " the hunter finally got one, or three.   Anyway, and although my selling idea of these 3 showed positive, the majority of men purchasing these were men that accually "Processed" venison for themselves and other hunters.  I doubt you'll ever find these 3 Bucks on the internet, or in the area as I am now far from the location where I 1st produced them.  Now, is your chance to get a 1 or all 3 as a set for your choise of needs / display.  These come in both 4 & 6 Foot sizes but can be re-sized if needed.

We are located at 908 S. Sheb Wooley just South of 10th St. in Erick, Oklahoma 73645   Email Us from Here! with your interest and please include your Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes.   or Call 580-729-1721   We gladly accept  Cash, Personal Checks.  Contact us for Information.

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