Metal Tree Wall Art, Plants, Fruit & Vegetable Metal Art Wall Decor form D & N Fretworks of Erick, Ok.

Welcome to another new page of Metal Wall Art Decor as of 10/30/09 which will include our Trees, Plants, Fruit & Vegetables in Metal Art.  Here is a sample of a couple items we make and more will be inserted very soon so please come back soon.  Emai Us if there is an item you are looking for but has not been uploaded as of the time you are viewing our new site. We do have a vast assortment of trees, plants, cactus, fruits and veggies.  All of which can be resized for your needs and can be converted into Business type Signs for Farms or small Fruit Markets.  Thank you.  D&N Fretworks

In your email of interest please include your Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes. 

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