Metal Art Memorial Wall Decor, Praying Cowboy & Praying Soldier Metal Art by D&N Fretworks of Erick, Oklahoma.  Here are a couple of our Praying Cowboy and his Horse at a Cross Metal Wall Art, Welcome and Address Signs as well as Key and Coat Racks.  The Praying (kneeling) Soldier at a Cross metal wall art and Yard art shadows is another great item for use as Metal Key Racks and Coat Racks.  We can even produce the Praying Cowboy, Cowgirl and the Praying Soldier large enough for Yard Art.  And yes, we can even make your Favorite Pet Memorial in metal as well.  Metal Crosses and Metal Bible Wall Art in various sizes and styles. Our Metal crosses are available in Flat Black and Heat Colored by the use of a torch to give the crosses a special coloring effect. This heat coloring makes each piece unique and therefore,  they are one of a kind items.

Let us not forget those we love, or have given their lives fighting for our countries Freedom. In our metal art work, we always keep it a practice to make sure the side facial profile of our people contained in our items clearly show and are visable.  This we do out of respect, and if at all possible, we can alter a face profile to look like someone you know if we have a good clear side view picture of them.  Below are some of the designs we have and we will be inserting more pictures as we can locate them from our back-up files.  Please come back soon to view them as there are Cowboys and Soldiers kneeling in several differant positions and they can be altered to fit with several Cross styles.  We do our items in several sizes and thicknesses to keep prices afordable for everyone as shown in the pictures.  If you do not fine the size or style you want, simply Contact Us with your interest and please include your Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes and we'll get right back with you. 

We are located in Erick, Ok. 73645 (at the South end of town) from I-40 & EXIT 7  

We gladly accept Cash, Personal Checks.   Phone 580-729-1721   24 / 7

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