Welcome to D&N Fretworks Metal Car Wall Decor from Erick, Ok. 73645.   Here you will find a couple of the many desings that we have done and of the few we are working on at this point.   Although we like to design our own patterns here, we are often asked to do another design already in existance thru patterns purchased from other sellers in metal art.  When being in this position and as dedicated to produce smooth quality designs & finished products as we are,  we often find great defects in the purchased patterns and therefor we must spend many hours in repairing the errors to accomplish our goal.  Detailing motorcycles and cars to get smooth and evenly balanced tires and wheel spokes is the biggest chore of all and the most time consuming, but we believe the final outcome is well worth the trials and your purchasing from us.  We have many styles to choose from already that we are working on and we will upload the photo's of the finished product as soon as we can.  In the mean time, if you have an intrest  in something perticular, please Email Us ! about your needs and we'll get right back with you. In your email of interest please include your Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes.  Or you can call us 1-580-729-1721   And remember, Most of our items can be resized for special uses so don't hessitate to ask.

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