Metal Eagle Wall Art Decor by D&N Fretworks of Erick, Oklahoma. 

The Bald Eagle is a proud & majestic bird that represents our Nations unity and strength, as well as the beliefs of our Proud Native American brothers & sisters.   Here you will find a couple of our basic Eagle designs in metal art that we do while westart working on some of our more detailed designs.  More pictures will be uploaded as we complete these designs and if you have a special view of an eagle you would like done, please Email Us ! and we would be glad to work with you.  There are too many sizes & thicknesses of many of our items to insert pictures of all, so please don't hesitate to ask and we will try our best to insert pictures of the smallest & the largest sizes our items are in so you can get an idea as to what little, or the most an item should cost.

Located at 908 S. Sheb Wooley just South of 10th St.  in Erick, Ok. 73645    Ph. 580-729-1721  24/7

PayPal and Personal Checks are accepted.

In your email of interest please include your Name, State, and Zip Code for shipping purposes. 

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